Need an outlet fixed or help with other electrical issues? We’ll wire it up and get you plugged in properly. Electrical services include installation, repair, and maintenance of the following:

Facilities-Funded Services

  • Ballast (Facility Lighting) - Replace
  • Circuit Breaker - Resets, Repair or Replacement
  • Electrical Distribution - Repair
  • Emergency Generator and circuit service serving state supportable spaces - Maintenance and Repair
  • Emergency Lighting - Maintenance and Repair
  • Facility Fixture - Cleaning and Relamping
  • Building Facility Lighting Control Systems - Maintenance and Repair
  • Fume Hood Lighting - Repair

Rechargeable Services

  • Lighting Requests – New Installations
  • Outlets and Circuit - New Installations
  • Electrical Cord - Replacement and/or Repair
  • Desk Lamp - Relamping
  • Departmental Display Case Lighting - Installation, Repair, and Relamping
  • Intercom - Repairs and Installation
  • Department-Owned Equipment - Installation and Hook-up
  • Temporary Power - Installations
  • Special Lighting Requests such as UV Lamps, Dark Room Lamps – New Installations
  • Departmental Power Conditioners and Emergency Power Systems - Maintenance and Repair
  • Dedicated Departmental Equipment and Appliances - Maintenance and Repair
  • Circuit Breaker - More than Two Resets due to Customer Equipment Overloading Circuits

Note: This list is not exhaustive and only includes some of the most common service requests. “Facilities-funded services" only apply to state-supported spaces and also do not apply to leased buildings.