Ensuring that the exterior of campus is clean, safe, and attractive is our job. To meet the needs of UCSB, Grounds maintains the following: outdoors plants, shrubbery, trees, hardscape, and all landscaped areas on campus. To keep outdoor areas tidy and ensure pedestrian safety, Grounds provides cleaning and removal of debris from pedestrian path of travel, sidewalks, entrances, doorways and other areas to ensure pedestrian safety.

Centrally Funded Services for State Supported Spaces

  • All Non-Dedicated Landscape Areas - General Landscape Maintenance
  • Hardscape - Maintenance and Trash Removal
  • Trees - Trimming, Removal, and Replacement
  • Litter - Pickup
  • Irrigation System - Installation and Repair
  • Exterior Planter Beds and Containers Not Specifically Assigned to a Department - General Landscape Maintenance
  • Library Planters and Terrace Irrigation in State Supportable Space - General Landscape Maintenance

Billable Services

  • Project Related Landscape Damage Caused by Project Work - Repair
  • Special Requests for Plantings or Color Changes
  • Special Events - Preparation and Cleanup
  • Damage and Vandalism to Existing Landscaping and Irrigation Systems - Repair

Note: This list is not exhaustive and only includes some of the most common service requests. “Facilities-funded services" only apply to state-supported spaces and also do not apply to leased buildings.